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Brake line is the lifeline
- Nov 05, 2018 -

According to reports, when a 66-year-old master Cao went out by bicycle, he went to No. 258, Bancang Street, Xuanwu District, Nanjing, and found a 313 bus stopped at the intersection because the traffic lights stopped. The old man stopped the bus for emergency braking. The line suddenly broke, and the old man slammed into the tail of the bus. Fortunately, the elderly were not seriously injured, and the surrounding citizens rushed to send the elderly to nearby hospitals. Upon examination, the head of the old man was only scratched and there was no danger. According to this fact, the brake line may not be paid too much attention to it in daily life, but it is indeed closely related to the safety factor of life. Therefore, when choosing to buy a car, it must be It is necessary to pay attention to this small detail. The quality of the brake line is related to life safety and must be treated with caution.

When the door handle is loose, or the key is tightened, what should I do? Open the front door and you will see a plastic cover on the side. When you open it, you will see a screw inside. Circle, the lock core can be pulled out from the outside, there is a car pull wire buckle on the handle, adjust the elastic of the car pull wire can be. The screw of the rear door is blocked by a sealing strip, and the hand is opened. Before the installation, the lock core is coated with grease, so that the handle and the lock on the door can be easily restored and restored.

Familiar people know that when the car pulls the cable for a long time, the throttle control line will be awkward. The best way is to spray a spray with the cleaning agent, then find a clean cloth, wrap it around the head of the screwdriver, and scrape it repeatedly, it is easy to clean. The processing time has been answered for one and a half hours. When the throttle is removed, pay attention to the various hoses on the street. Remember to remember before dismantling. Don't pretend wrong. In addition, when installing the throttle, apply some oil to the throttle cable, and the throttle will become smoother.