304 Soft Steel Wire Rope

304 Soft Steel Wire Rope

304 durable heavy duty steel wire rope for lifting. Please contact for sample.

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Product Details

1.product Introduction

This flexible wire making it easy to work with, and has a low co-efficient of stretch. Its ease of use makes it excellent for use with Thimble and Ferrule fittings as well as hydraulically swaged fittings.

Cable is stainless steel for maximum durability, strength and weather protection.

7x7 construction (7 groups of 7 strands braided together to form the cable), which is flexible. Good type of cable for handling bends and corners on cable railings.


2.product Parameter (specification)

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) 

Brand Name: Guofeng

Model material:Galvanized or stainless steel

Diameter;1-10mm or as required

Type: Soft Steel Wire Rope

color: Metal

Size:as required

application: For heavy duty lifting etc.

MOQ: 500pcs 

4. Prodection details


Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Guofeng

Model Number:  Steel Wire Rope

material: Galvanzied or stainless steel

type:  Steel Wire Rope for heavy duty lifting

color: grey or other


application: for heavy duty lifting

The place of origin:China

MOQ: 500pcs

5. Prodect qualification


6. Deliver,shipping an serving 

Three month warranty

7. FAQ

 1. How do you design a wire cable assembly ?

  Of course ,we have to know your application firstly and a number of factors have to be considered, such    as work load, safety abrasion, environment ,cycle life, flexibility, , cost, When we design the steel wire cable assembly.

 2.what’s the safety factor of your product?

General ,use a 5 to 1 or 3 to 1 safety factor when we design it, example :breaking load is (1000N) 100kg ,safety factor is   5:1 (200N)   Breaking strength should never be considered the rope's working load.

8Latest news

The Quality Judgment Of Steel Wire Rope

1. Specific gravity. The diameter of the wire rope is the same, the heavier the specific gravity, the better the quality of the wire rope;

 2, wire rope core. The stronger the wire rope core is, the heavier the specific gravity is, the better the support force of the outer layer of the wire rope is, and the better the wire rope quality;

 3. Materials. The material is the steel number and strength. The higher the steel number, the better the quality of the steel wire with higher strength;

 4. The quality of the loose rope is good after the rope is cut, and the quality of the wire rope with a relatively long lay length is better than the short lay length;

5, 316 stainless steel wire rope anti-corrosion ability is stronger than 306 stainless steel wire rope anti-corrosion ability, 306 than hot-dip galvanized steel wire rope anti-corrosion ability, hot-dip galvanizing is better than electro-galvanized steel wire rope; nylon coated plastic wire rope quality is stronger than PE plastic coated steel wire rope, PE package The plastic steel wire rope is better than the PVC plastic coated steel wire rope, and the plastic coating has stronger anti-corrosion ability than the galvanized steel wire rope.

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